Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pulling it all Together

It seems like everything takes longer than it used too, it is all coming together though. I'm down to about 50 ceramic molds on the floor of the store. They will be going upstairs either tonight or tomorrow morning. That may sound like a lot, it is nothing when there are a total of 1013 of them. My next step after the remaining few go upstairs is to give the first floor a good scrubbing. It is extremely dusty down there right now. So, I'll be dawning my mask, and getting out the feather duster.

After that, going to build a Kiln and potters wheel, get out the clay and start playing again. Think I'll start with a Lotus Bowl and some mending that needs to be done. It's Hell getting older, time to bring some fun back into life! Come on by and join us, events beginning soon.

My next endeavor is to find or take pictures of all of them and add that info to the list, which I just put online.

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