Thursday, December 16, 2010

Plenty of Time for Study & Planning

The weather is nasty cold and its an excellent  time 
to find all those informative books about kilns, clay, and how to do this 
and that. I have found a
mailing list that oh, so informative. Google books has some excellent publications 
that are the full text.
There are 3 of them that I am studying right now.
1. Pottery Making by
John Webb
2. Studio Pottery by
Fredrick Hurten Rhead and last but not least
3. Clay Work by
Katherine Morris Lester
All three are excellent and have there place in my bookshelf, which is a little
different from most folks, I keep the majority of my books either on my computer
or in a folder online where I can get to them anytime I need them, whether I'm
online or not.

You all work on those while I go design the first of 3 kilns.  One for Jewelry (glass beads), one for dolls and small loads and one for those big loads that will keep the building warm.

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